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Bortglömda texter 2: 2/2-2007

Hittade några gamla texter från när jag jobbade på Musicbrigade och vi hade nån sorts personaltips-blogg. Återanvänder dem här!

My longest love story

April 7, 1994, Uppsala, Sweden:
An old friend of mine had told me that Eggstone's debut album "In San Diego" was one of the world's five essential must have albums. Another friend told me that bob hund was the most interesting band in Sweden at the time. This night, Eggstone was going to play at Barowiak in Uppsala, with bob hund as supporting act. I went to the concert with a guy I had a crush on (who later that evening out of pure joy stage dived to Eggstone's cover of The Monkees "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone", nobody caught him and he landed on his head...) who was an Eggstone fan. Though I had bought "In San Diego", it hadn't really caught on yet, so I actually had slightly higher hopes for bob hund.
bob hund did their best; the singer Thomas Öberg jumped around, put a traffic cone on his head, choked himself with the microphone cord and all the things he does, but no matter what he did he had absolutely no chance against Eggstone. That night started the longest love story of my life - the one with Per Sunding, Patrik Bartosch, Maurits Carlsson and their own universe of music called Eggstone.
It was so long ago, I'm afraid I don't remember exactly what it was that did it, it was something quite inexplicable: Eggstone was simply the best band I had ever heard. Ever. No Beatles, no Elvis Presley or any other legend measures up to Eggstone in my ears.
I've tried several times to explain what it is, to friends, in my fanzine Fozzie, to myself, but as it always is with love it's impossible to explain exactly why you feel what you feel. But part of the explanation is their mixture of sunny happiness and friendly melancholy, all the instruments that they use, with the vibraphone as the most significant trademark, the incredible melodies and the quirky lyrics, combined with Per, Patrik and Maurits being absolutely loveable people and owners of the legendary Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden.
Eggstone have released three albums: "In San Diego" (1992), "Somersault" (1994) and "Vive La Différence!" (1997). There are also two compilations available: "Spanish Slalom" (Siesta/1998) and "Ça Chauffe En Suede" (Tricatel/1999). They claim that they still exist as a band and that they will record another album, but it's impossible to know when.
I'm still hoping.

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