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Inledning Fozzie nr 11, special English edition, October 2006

Planen är att så småningom få upp allt material från de 11 numren av Fozzie, som gjordes på papper, här på bloggen. Lägger nu upp inledningstexterna jag skrev till varje nummer.
Fozzie # 11 – the English version!
The whole process of this issue has been a little bit weird. For the past few years I have made one issue a year, and I've coincided that with the Hultsfred festival in June, but this year I simply didn't have enough material by then so I decided to wait. The during and after the summer I got some good interviews and put a deadline for myself: I wanted to have Fozzie #11 ready in time for the Snow Patrol concert in Copenhagen on October 9th. Mainly just to have a deadline, but also because I thought it'd be nice to be able to show them the article about them. Then the one interview that I thought would be the easiest to get, got delayed over and over – the one with Fibes, Oh Fibes!, whose, singer is my sister's boyfriend, and the live quite close to me, so you might think it would be a piece of cake getting that together, but it wasn't. But then another thing got added: I got the chance to do an interview with The Magic Numbers on October 12th. So I postponed it again – but not quite. I decided to make a miniature issue for the Snow Patrol concert, with only the articles in English in it.
Which brings me to the next point: the language. In Fozzie #10 for the first time the interview parts with the non-Swedish artists were in English instead of me translating them into Swedish. This time I took it one step farther: I wrote the whole non-Swedish articles in English, just because it seemed more logical like that. Maybe I'll translate even the Swedish articles into English as well, but I'm not sure yet.
Over to the music (the most important thing in the world!). This year I've mainly listened to three albums: Snow Patrol's "Eyes Open", Hot Chip's "The Warning" and Fibes, Oh Fibes!'s "Emotional". Of course I've listened to other music as well, but at least one of these albums have appeared in my iPod, job computer or home stereo at least once a day since this spring, when "Eyes Open" was released. Usually I don't have such a narrow playlist, but Snow Patrol is my absolute favourite current band, and "Eyes Open" is one of the best albums that I have, so that's what I've wanted to listen to the most, and it has taken something really special to compete with that.
That's why I'm extremely happy with this issue, even though it's been a bit of a hassle getting it together, because I've gotten to meet and do interviews with the best bands of the year. Of course Snow Patrol was really special: they've become a hugely successful band who sell millions of records, and I still got to meet them for my tiny fanzine, and I just love them so much.
The other bands/artists that I've written about don't mean any less to me though – as always I only write about bands and artists that I really love. Tiger Lou is one of my favourite artists, and I did an interview with him together with his also very talented wife Firefox AK, Willowtree I've grown to love thanks to getting to know their guitarist Olle, The Animal Five showed me one of the best live performances I've ever seen, Tilly And The Wall made last winter a little happier and the yet unknown The Veryones consists of three close friends of mine.

Big thank you's and lots of love to:
Olle and the rest of the Musicbrigade production team, for making work so much more fun, the world's best Fredda Holmgren, sweet Razzia-Martina, EMI-Charlie, V2-Hampus, darling Per, my dearly beloved family (on earth and in heaven), and of course all the artists that I've met.
Fozzie is made by me; Sara Reis. If you want to contact me, please email me at fozziesara@***, or go to www.myspace.com/fozziefanzine
Varför jag skrev om de artister som inte var med i den engelska utgåvan är ju en bra fråga som jag inte längre minns svaret på, men varför Willowtree, som ju var svenska, var med var nog för att Olle gärna ville att Snow Patrol skulle få läsa om dem, har jag för mig. :) Och återigen: tidsdokument! Myspace!

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